Jon is a fantastic accountant! I can’t see myself not getting my taxes done here, especially if I’m still living right up the block. Although taxes can be pretty tough to understand for those who aren’t in the field, Jon did a really thorough job of explaining everything to me in basic terms. He is extremely calm and intelligent, and took the time to walk me through the entire process.
I opted to drop off my paperwork because I live so close, but you can also submit everything electronically if it is easier. He also accepts payment on venmo which is convenient! This is a quick and simple review but so was working with JLD Tax. I strongly reccomend if you are in need of an accountant!
— Sara M

I highly recommend Jon and his team for all your tax work. They are efficient and honest! Taxes are a complicated and they simplify everything.
— Matthew C

Jon has done my taxes for the past 2 years and I intend on returning to him for a third. He’s helpful, patient, fast & accurate. He answers any questions I have (throughout the year) offering clear explanations and in a timely manner. His office is in a convenient location but it’s also possible to get things done completely via email, which was great for me this year as I was short on time. I’ve tried places like H&R Block in the past but never found anyone to be truly knowledgeable about accounting. When it comes to my taxes I’ll pay a little bit more for some extra assurance. I recommend giving Jon a call.
— M.H.

John is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to his clients. Definitely recommend him.
— Jeremy J

Jon is my go-to guy for my Jersey City financial planning clients. I have known him and worked with him for years and he has become an integral part of my professional life and a great asset for my clients.

I cannot recommend him more highly.

He works with individuals, families and business owners for their tax planning needs.
— Eric F

Very attentive, great response time. I was very satisfied with the quality of work JLD tax did, great value as well. Spent a lot of time explaining things to me that I did not understand. I highly recommend JLD Tax.
— Alex K

If you’re looking for the best and brightest Jersey city tax accountant, look know further than Jon. Jon is a savvy and smart tax accountant who communicates well and is in touch with the nuances of the tax and accounting world. I highly recommend him.
— Douglas L

Jon is a fantastic accountant. He’s very knowledgeable on IRS rules and is excellent when it comes to small businesses. I use him both for my business and personal tax returns. He also does my company’s bookkeeping, which has been a very seamless process to set up. I highly recommend Jon to all of my friends, colleagues and other business owners.
— Ed V

I own a small business and was searching for bookkeeping assistance, a service that my CPA does not provide. I tossed this search out to some small biz friends and they replied “let US know when YOU find someone good, ok?” Several phone interviews later, I spoke with Jon and we set up a meeting. My husband grilled him on an assortment of tax related *stuff* while I asked pointed questions regarding classification of expenses. He answered our questions with poise, skill and humor - well beyond his years.

I’ve now been working with him for several months and during that time he’s fine tuned my monthly expenses and provided insightful feedback and suggestions regarding how to best steer the business, manage taxes, provide payroll, etc. He’s done so in a collaborative way that’s been educational. I’ve circled back to those small biz friends who were also seeking a great, local CPA and now I’m spreading the (((Yelp Love))) here.
You will be fortunate to connect with this professional
— Marie D

Jon is hands down the best CPA in the area. He is extremely organized, knowledgeable, and responsive. He makes the process very easy for his clients and I have referred many of my clients to him already and plan to continue to do so. I would recommend anyone looking for tax advice or preparation this tax season to reach out to Jon first.
— Mike N

If you want a competent, efficient accountant, I highly recommend Jonathan and his company. We have used JLD for our taxes each year starting 3 years ago, when a combination of complexities around our taxes required a level of guidance and support that only the most seasoned, skilled financial professional could provide.

JLD also provided a professional overview of prior year tax returns, and helped to develop a strategy to minimize the impact of taxes for future years. By going over our prior tax returns in detail, some errors that we had made were uncovered by Jonathan, and we were able to increase our IRS and state refunds.

Tax time or not, we are always provided with a comprehensive financial picture which equips us to make the right financial decisions throughout the course of the year. Our calls and emails are always returned promptly, with all of our questions answered; JLD makes each client feel as though he or she deserves the top-most priority.

Thank you, JLD Tax & Accounting, for being so trustworthy and reliable, and for making the dreaded tax season much more bearable every year!
— Kate N

I just had my initial consultation with Jon and could not be happier. I recently started my own business and Jon has walked me through all of the steps to ensure that I am following all tax laws and gave me advice on how to minimize my tax implications. I also may start using them for my book keeping. Highly recommend speaking to him if you own a business in Hudson County.
— Frank G

I own a small business and am so happy I found someone I can trust with book-keeping, accounting, and taxes. As I transition from an older business to a new LLC, Jon is always able to answer all of my questions. Quick response time, very knowledgeable, and he can explain things in a way I actually understand. Thanks JLD Tax & Accounting! I’m looking forward to smooth sailing this (and future) tax seasons!
— Dominique B

Jon is fantastic. I employ him for business accounting needs. He is willing to take the time to completely understand your situation before making recommendations. He is knowledgeable and professional and helps explain complicated tax rules. I highly recommend working with Jon. He allows me to focus on making my customers happy while he takes care of many “back of the house” issues.
— Hoboken B

I was recommended to JLD Tax & Accounting by a friend for filing and tax planning. I wanted to be sure I had the right person, as I have various tax issues that can get pretty complicated. I tried to file online myself using tax software, and even though I though I had a pretty good understanding of what I was doing- it ended disastrously and left me completely confused. And then, JLD Tax to the rescue! The owner, Jonathan, was very professional, very knowledgeable, and very patient. He not only made sense of the pile of madness I l had brought in with me, he explained it to me in a way I could understand. I will be using him again, and I will definitely recommend him to my friends.
— J. V

Jon is fantastic. I employ him for business accounting needs. He is willing to take the time to completely understand your situation before making recommendations. He is knowledgeable and professional and helps explain complicated tax rules. I highly recommend working with Jon. He allows me to focus on making my customers happy while he takes care of many “back of the house” issues.
— Michelle T

I’m moved to the US last year and I’ve tried speaking with many different CPA’s, HR Block and others.
I don’t understand the bad reviews I’ve read here. First, I had to fill stuff in advance with pretty much every CPA (it’s the digital world anyways), so to me it’s pretty standard. John was nothing but patient and explained everything (I do have the gift of driving people mad with so many different questions). The little he did not know (“aliens” are a special case in the US as far as tax are concerned) he researched right away, and walked through the law with me, making it clear.

To make things even worse for him, my wife opened a small business beginning of December, making my tax return even more complicated. Nothing to fear though, John explained every step, every form and answered all my repeating questions.
I left without questions, certain my tax return was filled correctly.

I’ll come back to John every year and I’m already recommending him to friends
— George F

Great service and way better than any of the online systems like TurboTax. He got me more money back and was very patient answering all of my questions. I found JLD Tax & Accounting very affordable. I am definitely recommending him to all my friends!
— C. K.

I’ve known Jon, the owner of JLD Tax & Accounting, for a few years now and he’s always been my go-to guy with tax questions. He’s very knowledgeable, intelligent and patient. He takes the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions throughout the year. When it comes to filing the returns, the firm is very precise, accurate and super thorough - they will go through different possible tax positions to determine what is the best option for filing. Highly recommended.
— R. F.

I highly recommend JLD Tax, who I have used for two years now. I have a particularly complicated return involving filings in multiple states and JLD Tax was able to efficiently and meticulously handle all my needs while at the same time charging a very reasonable rate. His subject matter expertise of the relevant tax codes as well as his efforts to ensure he fully understand my businesses, gave me a great deal of comfort. The fact that he was able to save a substantial amount of money as compared to my own calculations based on free online tax calculators, was the icing on the cake.
— Seth G.