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We understand that dealing with the IRS or New Jersey can be a very time consuming and stressful experience, especially if you're negotiating a payment plan. Our goal is to not only achieve tax debt relief and tax debt settlement at the lowest amount allowed by law, or a payment schedule that least disrupts your economic life, but also to reduce your anxiety and stress by having JLD Tax deal and speak directly with the federal and state income tax agencies. We communicate and meet with them professionally, so you don't have to.

If you call us, we will explain to you the nature of your tax problem and the strategies you can use to resolve it permanently so it no longer threatens your economic life.

You may decide to ask us to resolve your problem for you; to deal with the IRS so you don’t have to – but that will be your decision to make after you clearly understand what we will do to help you, how we will do it and how much it will cost.

Whether or not you hire us, we will still give you a free consultation to frame your tax problem and suggest methods for resolving it permanently. Any and all conversations we have with you are confidential, whether or not we end up working together.

You have nothing to lose. Give us a call to unload some of your worry.

Income Tax Trouble does not solve itself.  With interest and penalties it only gets worse.

Who Should Call JLD Tax Immediately?

Taxpayers whose are receiving notices from the IRS; taxpayers whose wages are being garnished or whose bank accounts have been levied, taxpayers that have federal tax liens filed against them; taxpayers with unfiled tax returns; and businesses that owe payroll taxes. Clients compensate JLD on a fixed-fee basis determined up front, scaled to the service components JLD must invoke to properly represent the client before the tax authorities to permanently solve the client's tax problem.

IRS Problems Are More Common Than You Think

1 in 6, or approximately 26 million of 153 million individual taxpayers across the country either disagree over what they owe the IRS or conversely, agree with the amount, but simply can't afford to pay it in full. Of the 26 million individuals with IRS problems, about half owe the IRS $20,000 or more. Until the IRS gets the money, the interest and penalties grow and the IRS becomes ever more intrusive on household finances. If you have tax problems - you are NOT alone.

The IRS Is An Unforgiving Creditor

The IRS is the most powerful collection agency on the planet. The IRS has the power to seize bank accounts, garnish wages and force the immediate sale of homes and other property. The IRS collects tax debt by a variety of extremely intrusive means, and the taxpayer is always playing defense. To collect its money, the IRS will completely disrupt the economic life of a taxpayer, without regard to future consequence for the taxpayer. JLD Tax takes over all IRS communications on your behalf once you become a client.

Stopping the IRS Collection Process

There are procedures taxpayers can use to prevent the seizure of their assets, and if they are eligible, to negotiate the amount they rightfully owe to a discounted rate or to work out a payment plan that the taxpayer can afford so they can stay afloat. But the procedures are arcane, they are not well-publicized – and like anything else, there are competent and incompetent ways to use them.

JLD Tax goes to work immediately to obtain tax relief. JLD takes action to stop IRS levies on bank accounts and IRS seizure of assets. Then the JLD professional will assess the situation and negotiates with the IRS to arrive at a tax debt settlement or payment plan, whatever is the best outcome allowed by law.  

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