Here at JLD Tax & Accounting we offer nothing but the best service to any and all industries. Not one business is alike, so we don't treat you as such. Tailoring to the needs of your company is key when setting a firm foundation with our clients. Work with a firm that you can trust. Let us help you grow your business.


Real estate

The risks and keys to success for builders and developers differ from agents to brokers. At JLD Tax we know that financial management is extremely important in these cases. Our services include more than just bookkeeping and tax preparation. Whether you are selling a property or looking to purchase one,  JLD Tax can help you make the transaction as tax efficient as possible.  


Trucking & Transportation

The trucking industry faces many challenges such as multi-state tax, financial solvency, lien and levies,  equipment purchases and depreciation, hiring employees and 1099 contractors.  At JLD Tax we  provide income tax preparation and tax debt resolution services to over-the-road commercial drivers, owner operators, and small emerging trucking companies in New Jersey and New York.  We help you keep track of and deduct all the specialized expenses for the trucking industry.



Owning and operating a Restaurant, Bar and/or Food trucks can be an extremely exciting yet time consuming opportunity.  It can also be one of the trickiest industries to navigate tax wise. With JLD Tax & Accounting we will help your business run smoothly with custom tax planning advice tailored to your particular needs including sales tax and income tax filings.


Medical Professionals 

Medical services, such as, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists focus on the well-being of patients. Let JLD Tax & Accounting make your tax preparation run smoothly with a plan tailored to your business. JLD Tax can help you with accounting services, tax preparation and medical billing.


Independent Contractors

The most important thing for Independent Contractors is to keep organized. Here at JLD Tax & Accounting we can help you set up Quickbooks and provide you with our tax organizer so you can capture all of your deductions. We can also work with you to prepare quarterly estimated tax payments since you don't have withholdings in your paycheck.



Being a professional in the legal world can be stressful, so why worry about tax preparation when JLD Tax & Accounting is here for your business.  Here at JLD we can take care of your accounting, payroll, tax return preparation and any other tax planning you may need.


Marketing & Creative 

JLD Tax & Accounting can help you optimize your expenses to to make sure you are deducting all the necessary expenses. We can also go over the pros and cons of incorporating or setting up an LLC. Let us take care of your taxes so you can focus on "making the sale".