Payroll Tax Problems

If you own a small business it can be difficult to set up payroll properly without help from an accountant. The best way to set up payroll is by having an accountant set up an efficient system for you. If you are someone who hasn’t set up payroll correctly and are now facing IRS Payroll Tax Problems we at JLD Tax & Accounting can help!

As an employer it is your responsibility to manage taxes for your employees and turn them over to the IRS. Employers must make quarterly tax deposits to the IRs and complete a series of quarterly and annual filings.

The IRS is very aggressive when collecting payroll tax and with come after your assets without hesitation. If you are a business owner facing Payroll Tax Problems call the specialists at JLD Tax & Accounting to help resolve.

The sooner you take action to negotiate with the IRS the better your situation will be when paying back your owed taxes. 

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