Offer In Compromise

If you owe more in income taxes than you can afford to repay, you may be able to negotiate your outstanding tax debt using an IRS Offer In Compromise. Let us give you a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether or not you will be a suitable candidate for our Offer In Compromise service. 

A successful offer in compromise satisfies your tax debts for less than your outstanding balance. Not everyone can be considered for an IRS Offer In Compromise. JLD Tax must evaluate your circumstances according to the IRS guidelines, such as, your ability to pay tax debt, current income and living expenses and current value of assets. 

Here at JLD Tax & Accounting we will take all of your information into account and upon reviewing your finances we will make the best recommendations for you and your situation. We will review if you are a suitable candidate and if so we will complete the required paperwork and negotiate with the IRS if necessary. 

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